Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant is recommended for those who have eyebrow loss or thinning as a result of genetic factors, burns, wounds or consumption of medications that lead to eyebrow loss.

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Duration of Eyebrows Transplant Procedure

Your operation at healka Istanbul takes only three days as follows:
• Your doctor will perform the transplant operation on the first day of your arrival. It will take from two to six hours depends on the number of follicles being transplanted. There are three stages of the operation. The first one is the extraction of the single hair follicle; the second is the preparation of the eyebrows, and the third is the implementation of hair follicles by adjusting the precise direction of the normal growth of the hair.
• The second day is to relax and enjoy the charm of Istanbul.
• The third day will be the follow-up session, where your donor and receptor areas will be washed by your doctor so that you can go back to your country safely.
You can go back to work and resume your activities after two days from the operation, but you should avoid sun exposure, extreme exercises, and smoke for at least the first two weeks.
At the same time, potential surgical risk factors such as dry eyes, thyroid disease or diabetes are evaluated by the doctor. The severity and number of any health problems may interfere with eyelid surgery. Smoking increases the risk of surgical complications because wound healing is slowed down in people who smoke. In some patients with goiter, eye protrusion may complicate or hinder surgery.

Considerations After Eyebrow Transplant

• It is possible to see tiny, pinhead crusts in the plantation area for a week. However, these shells do not prevent the patient from returning to work and daily life as they disappear rapidly.
• You should wait at least weeks to go to the sea or the swimming pool.
• You should cover the eyebrow from intense sunlight and solarium.
• During the first month, intensive workouts might be dangerous.