What is the Body Sculpting operation?

Body sculpting operation is a relatively new cosmetic operation developed specifically to shape the body to look more harmonious and slim for those who would like to get rid of unfavorable fats in their bodies.

It is an operation that coordinates the bodyweight by removing the excess fats which hide the beauty of body muscles and getting a tight body.

For body sculpting operations, we use the Vaser technique, which relies on high-frequency sound waves to break down the deep fat under the skin, especially in the abdominal region.

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• Being in a good general health as this operation requires general anesthesia.
• Being free from any diseases that may hinder the body’s recovery..

body sculpting techniques

• Body sculpting with solutions It is the most popular type, and it is done by injecting the body with a sterile medical solution that mixes with the body fat and makes it more liquid, thus facilitating the liposuction process.. This process is done under local or complete anesthesia, depending on each case.
• Ultrasound body sculpting It is considered one of the advanced methods in body sculpting operations. It is done by melting fat with sound waves that are directed to the target area.. This process usually takes less time.
• Laser body sculpting In some cases, this technique is considered the best because of its ability to tighten loose skin in many cases.. It is always preferable to consult a specialist doctor to choose the best way.


The recovery duration for body sculpts operation takes between ten days to two weeks for the patient to start getting back to his daily life activities.
The patients need to follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions strictly so that their skin will heal beautifully and get healthy and satisfying results. Some of these instructions are:

Get plenty of rest when you get home after the surgery. The patient normally stays at the hospital between two to three days before going home. Do not do any exercises or lift any heavy objects for at least one month after the operation, so your skin can heal properly. Be careful when touching your wounds, especially when you are taking a shower.